Give a Talk

The seminars and workshops are open to any researchers who are interested in discussing their projects or collaborating with Mathematicians. Please feel free to submit your talk below.

  1. Introduce your research day: 15 minute talk to introduce your research.  This talk should be on one research topic which can provoke Mathematical interest and accessible for the entire Campus community.  There will be about 4-5 short talks that day.
  2. Seminar talk:  You will give a 40-45 minute talk on the topic giving the overview, outline and your interests of the project. We encourage you to contact your collaborator or post-doc/graduate student to give a second talk the same day (25-30 min on the related topic with more details). This way the audience will have a good chance to understand the problem and possibly have more meaningful discussions.


Dates don't need to be exact, i.e., some time in February or first week of March.

For the regular seminar: enter the second speaker's name and email below. Multiple names and emails can be included. The title and abstract of the second talk (if known) can be included.